Molly Kate’s Timeline


March 8th – Zach and I decide it is time to start some research.  We send some emails and starting praying like crazy.

March 19th – We schedule a visit with a social worker to talk about different countries.

March 30th – I meet with Lisa Mosley (love her!) and narrow down our options to South Korea or China.

April 4th – We decide on South Korea!

April 11th – We mail our pre-application to AIAA.

April 20th – We receive notification from AIAA that we’re pre-approved!

May 17th – We have our first home study visit with Lisa.

June 6th – We receive discouraging news from our AIAA: Things in Korea are slowing down significantly.

June 9th – We have our second meeting with Lisa to discuss options (again).

June 10th – We decide we need to make a change and are excited about it.

June 13th – We make the final decision to enter China’s Waiting Child Program.

June 20th – Our application was accepted with CCAI.

June 23rd – We have our first home study visit with our new social worker!

June 27th – We complete our service contracts with CCAI and mail off our first payment.

July1st – Our second meeting with our social worker.

July 7th – Our third meeting with our social worker.

July 14th – Our fourth, and final meeting with our awesome social worker, Amanda!

July 28th – Our fundraiser at Katy’s Gifts.

August 17th – We receive our complete home study.  Mail I-800A.

September 30th – We receive I-797 (approval of I-800A).

October 15th – We mail our complete dossier to our agency for approval!

November 10th – Our dossier is mailed to China!

November 16th – Our dossier is in China and waiting to be logged-in.  At this point we can receive a referral at any time!

November 17th – Our dossier is logged in.  Wow – that was fast!

December 20th – REFERRAL!

December 21st – We mail our Letter of Intent (LOI) to officially accept our referral.

December 22nd – Our LOI is accepted by the CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption).


January 3rd – We receive our  Pre-Approval from the CCCWA to adopt Molly Kate.

April 30th – We receive our Letter of Acceptance from China (LOA).

May 1st – Mail off our I-800 to USCIS.

May 17th – I-800 provisional approval

May 25th – NVC cabled (Molly Kate’s visa)

June 12th – Article 5 pick-up…now waiting on travel approval!

July 3rd  – Travel Approval!

July 12th – Leave for China!  Travel from Nashville to Detroit to Hong Kong.

July 13th – Arrive in Hong Kong.

July 15th – Travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.

July 16th – GOTCHA DAY!!!  Meet our sweet Molly Kate for the first time.

July 26th – Travel from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.

July 27th- Fly from Hong Kong to Detroit.  Unfortunately, our flight to Nasvhille is cancelled and we are stranded in Detroit an extra day. 😦

July 28th – HOME as a family of SIX!!