Above everything else, we are a family that wants to honor and serve God in everything we do.  Our family is blessed to live in a wonderful community surrounded by great friends and a lot of our family.   While we are super busy with our three boys and soon-to-be little girl, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our journey to this point began 15 years ago at Lipscomb University.

Zach and I met the first day of his freshman year and my sophomore year at Lipscomb.  Our chapel seats were assigned next to each other.  We developed a great friendship that semester.  I even helped him plan a few dates…with other girls! When we arrived back at school from our Christmas break, we started dating.  That first semester of dating was pretty rocky, but we made it through and our relationship became very serious from that point forward.  We were engaged our junior year and married the month after I graduated (he had one more semester to go).

Zach and I enjoyed our first 6 years of marriage without kids.  We had a great relationship, but knew that we wanted to start our family soon.  Carter came along and completely changed our life.  I’ll admit that it was hard at first but we LOVED having a child in the house.  Seth followed two years later and Ethan rocked our world two years after Seth.

Eighteen months after Ethan was born, we had settled into a predictable and stable routine.  Zach was climbing the corporate ladder at HCA and I loved staying at home with the boys. My parents moved here and Zach’s parents were only 45 minutes away.  We felt extremely blessed in our life. Several things happened quickly that led us out of our comfort zone and onto a path that would change our family forever.

Our eyes were completely opened to the orphan crisis in this world.  We were living in luxury compared to most of this world and felt like we could make a difference.  We had talked about international adoption for years.  After having three amazing boys, our hearts felt called to rescue a little girl.

After many prayers, lots of research, and a leap of faith, we have applied to adopt a waiting child in China.  The waiting child program is for children that suffer from some type of special need (some are more severe than others).  Our hearts and minds are completely at peace about our decision and we can’t wait to bring our daughter home.

So our wait begins.  While we wait for our little girl, we will enjoy our three boys!