Happy Birthday, Seth!

I am SO many posts behind on the blog but I can’t let this day go by without wishing our sweet second born a Happy Birthday!  I can’t believe he is 7.  He came into this world without much fuss (compared to his two brothers) and continues to be our most laid back child.  It is a joke in our house that Seth somehow manages to turn his birthday into a birthday week.  He loves to celebrate and is constantly coming up with ways to draw out his birthday.  He had a birthday party yesterday, opened his presents this morning, had cupcakes at lunch at school, and is going to see the Lego Movie tonight.  He has also requested a special restaurant this weekend (Great Wall of China) and donuts for breakfast tomorrow.  🙂

Seven things about Seth on his 7th birthday:

  • He loves music.  He loves to ride with Zach so they can listen to the music on Zach’s phone.  He likes all kinds of music and loves to sing along! I would say his favorite song this past year was “Cruise.”  He even has a song that he requests before baseball games to get him pumped up.  So funny!
  • He has loved playing basketball this winter.  He always gives it his best and tries really hard.  He would walk around the house all day dribbling a basketball if I would let him.
  • He is still in love with his little sister.  He loves to help put her to bed and is very protective of her. He is a fantastic big brother.  I keep waiting for the “newness” to wear off but I think this relationship is here to stay!
  • Seth is a night-owl and an early riser.  Of all my kids, he requires the least amount of sleep.  He is the last to go to bed and the first awake every morning!
  • He is still SO picky!  He eats very little and does not try new foods.  He gets the SAME lunch every single day.
  • He worries about bad things happening.  We have to say a special prayer most nights that there won’t be a fire in our house.  After we saw the movie, Frozen, he was scared that Zach and I would die on a boat like Anna’s parents.  He wakes up several nights with bad dreams and has a really hard time falling asleep again.  Nighttime makes him very anxious. 😦
  • He is still our funny man.  He loves to be silly.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!


6 months old and learning to sit up! (Summer 2007)

seth baseball

First season of baseball! (Spring 2011)


This kid loves animals and stuffed animals! (June 2012)


All sports party.  Seth insisted on the Ohio State jersey.


A sweaty mess after the football game.

Dad and Seth


He had lots of help opening his presents.

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