Jackson Hole

I have been looking forward to writing this post.  Several weeks ago, Zach and I escaped from our chaotic, crazy (but wonderful) life for 4 days.  Zach had planned everything (including all dinner reservations) and kept it a secret for a few months.  But once the government shutdown happened and kept going on and on, he decided he needed to tell me where we were going so we could make a decision.  He had made reservations for us to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Since about 90% of that area is federally managed, we needed to either change our reservation or risk going out there and not being able to do much.  We decided to risk it and stick with the original plan.  Honestly, after looking at other option, we could not find anything sounded any better to us!  Thankfully, it all worked out and the shutdown ended 2 weeks before we left.

We flew to Salt Lake City and then straight into Jackson Hole.  Flying over the Grand Tetons and landing right in the middle of Grand Teton National Park was pretty cool.  After landing at a teeny, tiny airport, we rented an SUV and went straight to the Wyoming Inn (our amazing accommodations for the week).  The lady that checked us in was extremely helpful.  She told us all the places we needed to see, places to eat, trails to explore, and places to avoid. 🙂  After her recommendations, she handed us a can of bear spray to carry every time we hiked.  Seriously??? She told us we could expect to see elk, buffalo, moose, and possibly bear on the trails.

Our first full day there, we decided to drive up to Yellowstone for the day.  The South Entrance (where we entered) was only open for a few more days before it closes to cars.  After the first Monday in November, it is only open to snowmobiles.  Yellowstone definitely had snow on the ground and the roads were already slushy in places.  The scenery was amazing but due to my crazy fear of heights, I spent a lot of time studying the map and trying not to look out the window at the HUGE canyons and drop-offs.  Zach pulled off the road a few times so I could look at it and see how amazing it was.  God’s creation is truly amazing.  We drove up to Old Faithful and got there 2 minutes before it erupted.  Great timing!  When we pulled out of the parking lot at Old Faithful, there was a small herd of buffalo on the side of the road.  Definitely not something we see around here!

On Sunday, we went hiking at Cache Creek.  Thankfully, we had borrowed some ski clothes from some friends.  Otherwise, we would have froze!  We were hiking in 6-8 inches of snow up this mountain and really did not get cold.  We did not see any wildlife (Zach was disappointed but I did not want to see a bear).  After 4 hours of hiking, we headed back to the Inn and sat in front of the fireplace reading.  It was the perfect, relaxing day.

On Monday, we explored some other trailheads, did a little shopping, and relaxed in our room before heading to the airport after lunch.  It pretty much snowed all day and I was nervous about our flight.  I think the people at the airport just laughed at me when I questioned the weather. I didn’t think about the fact that they experience this type of weather ALL winter long.

We were so happy to get back home to our kiddos but it was amazing trip!

Jackson HolePosing in front of elk antlers in the town square in Jackson Hole.  I remember taking a picture in the exact same spot with my two brothers when we took a trip out west.

Grand TetonsThe Grand Tetons.  They are SO beautiful and huge.

YellowstoneZach standing on the side of the road in Yellowstone.  You can kinda see the huge drop-off.  It didn’t bother him at all.

Waterfall-YellowstoneAmazing waterfall in Yellowstone.

Old FaithfulOld Faithful

BuffaloHerd of buffalo beside Old Faithful

YellowstoneDriving through Yellowstone we passed several of these signs.

YellowstoneLoved visiting this place with Zach.

Jackson HoleShopping in the town square before dinner on Saturday night.

HikingHiking up Cache Creek.  I didn’t stop talking the entire time because I figured it would keep the bears away. 🙂

Cache CreekQuick picture together on our way up.

Bighorn sheep2 bighorn sheep on the top of a hill in the Elk Refuge.

Wyoming InnPicture before dinner in the lobby of the Wyoming Inn.

Last day hikeOur last day mini-hike.  We walked up the mountain so we could look down on the city of Jackson Hole.

One thought on “Jackson Hole

  1. Wow! What a neat trip! Looks like ya’ll had so much fun and got to relax in a beautiful spot! Spencer and I need to go there for sure! I’ll put it on the list! Ha!


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