Fall Ball

Time to catch up!  Let’s start with Fall Ball.  Carter and Seth both moved up to new age divisions this fall.  Seth is now playing 7/8 (machine pitch) and Carter plays 9/10 (kid pitch).  We had two GREAT seasons and the boys had so much.  Actually, we all had so much fun.  We became so attached to the boys and their families and we have seriously missed them since the season ended at the end of October.  We feel so blessed by our baseball family!

BattingSeth’s team was the Indians.  He was one of the youngest players on our team but caught on quickly (it’s very helpful to have a big brother!).  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe played the pitcher position quite a bit on defense.

CatcherHe also played catcher and really liked it.

Oh, Seth!And then he did a lot of this. 🙂  We played a few games where the other team did not really hit the ball very often so Seth entertained himself. 🙂

Trophy!Last game of the season – tournament win!  Trophies mean a lot around here because we don’t get them unless we earn them!

Undefeated!The sign says it all!

Daddy and sonProud coach and his favorite player. 🙂

Team partyAnd a pizza party to celebrate.

CarterOn to my big guy.  I am SO proud of him.  It is a BIG jump to 9/10.  Kid pitchers (which meant batters getting hit often), base stealing, walks, and very competitive teams.  All of the sudden pitchers and catchers are HUGE positions and can determine the entire game.  Despite being only 8 and one of the smallest, he hung in there every game!

Playing pitcher


PitchingHe pitched several games (and loved it)!  He also played 2nd base and catcher.

Game ball!Game Ball!

RampageThese boys became SO close this season.  We have played with some of these boys since they were 5.

TrophyReceiving this trophy from Coach (otherwise known around here as Dad).  They did not go undefeated but they did win the tournament!

Team picSO happy!

Daddy and sonCannot believe it is time to close out another season of baseball.

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