First day of preschool

In addition to celebrating Molly Kate’s birthday last week, we also started preschool.  This was a big year for our family because I am back in the classroom after being completely at home for 8+ years.  I am SO excited to have the opportunity to teach again while still spending half of my week at home and the other half teaching Pre-K.  Ethan is also in Pre-K (different class) and Molly Kate is in the 3 year old class.  We all go to school 3 days a week and after one week, it is definitely a success! I was worried about Molly Kate but she has done fantastic.  She had a few tears on the first day, but she LOVED Wednesday and Thursday.  She even went and got her bag on Friday morning wanting to go again. 🙂  Of course, Ethan is thrilled to be back at school with his buddies.

All 4 kiddos

All 4 ready to go.

Two littles

My two littles.  They have loved being home together the last few weeks.  They play so well together.


So handsome!

Big girl!

Such a big girl!

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