Tournament Ball

This year Carter decided to try out for the 8U Grassland Tournament team.  Zach had encouraged him to try out all year but he was not going for it.  He is so hesitant to do something new (even though it was still baseball).  Zach has always been his coach and he just didn’t know about a new coach and a team full of new players.  On the day of try-outs Zach went up to the fields to check on the try-outs (since he was the 7/8 commissioner).  Once Carter saw that try-outs were just like baseball practice and he knew some of the kids trying out he decided to go for it.  I was SO proud of him!  That is a big step for him!  Needless to say, he made the team and round 2 of baseball began!

Carter had lots of practices leading up to their two tournaments.  He learned so much and had a great time!  He played different positions during the tournaments and also learned to bunt.  It was so much fun to watch him play!  After spending two weekends at the ball field, I am ready for a break but I know it won’t be long before I’m ready to get back out there and watch him play!


At the fence cheering his teammates on.


Carter played catcher during several games. He did so well!


Seth and MK

Seth watched almost every game.  Usually he runs around and plays but he was really into watching Carter play.  Of course, Molly Kate loves her big brother!

Carter batting

His turn to bat!

Game ball!

Game ball for his successful bunt and an out at home!

Game Ball with Daddy

Catch it!

Second weekend of games…playing catcher again.  Waiting for the ball to be thrown…

Catch it!

Concentrating…ready to catch.

Here he comes...



He’s out!!


So excited!

Carter and Dad

Getting some first base coaching from his Dad.  Zach enjoyed being the assistant coach on this team instead of head coach.

Running in...

Running in after playing in the outfield.

Rane and Ethan

During Carter’s game on Saturday, these two had so much fun playing in the dirt and building “mud pies.”  At one point during the game, I turned around to check on them again and they were gone.  I started looking around and noticed that Rane and Ethan had run out onto the other baseball field.  That wouldn’t have been such a big deal except that the baseball officials had turned on the sprinklers to water the grass infield in between games.  This was the district tournament so there were lots of officials around and Rane and Ethan were quickly spotted by some of the officials playing in the sprinklers.  They had also helped themselves to the gatorade cooler in the dugout.  Funny thing was they were crying when they got to me, not because they got caught, but because they were wet and had water in their eyes. SERIOUSLY?!?!  What do you expect playing in the sprinklers?  ha!

Carter batting

Ready to bat.  Carter hit the ball really well!

On 1st...

Ready to run…


Headed home…

Team huddle

Team huddle…love how Molly Kate is right in there with them.

Carter and Drew

These two sweet boys have played ball together since they were 5.

Carter and coaches

Carter and all his coaches.


Love these two boys.  They have SO much fun together!

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