Vacation 2013

To say that our boys were excited to get back to the beach this year is a HUGE understatement.  They have been asking since last summer when they were going back to the beach.  We skipped the beach last year because Zach and I were in China (life changing trip!) and the boys just didn’t understand why they didn’t get to go to the beach.  They are spoiled!  But we love taking them and this year we were so excited for miss Molly Kate to experience the beach for the first time.  She LOVED it for the first day and then she fell and went under early on day 2 and she was done with the ocean at that point.  She still loved the sand and would dip her toes in the water if someone was holding her hand.  Her favorite thing to do at the beach was eat. Surprise, surprise!

I could write and write about our trip but I’d rather just post pictures.  We went to Seacrest Beach this year and it was a lot of fun to experience something different.  We were able to walk to dinner several nights which was awesome.  The area was fantastic for kids and we will definitely go back.  I had a terribly hard time picking out pictures.  We have SO many good ones from this trip.  And get ready…Molly Kate is SMILING for the camera.  Well, sometimes, but I’ll take it! 🙂

Molly Kate at the beach

First time at the beach. Not quite sure of the sand.


Of course our little explorer finds some kind of tooth within 15 minutes of being there (he thinks it is a shark tooth).  He spends his entire time at the beach trying to catch fish or crabs or exploring everything he can find.

My oldest

So old and so special.

Ethan and his floaties

Our well supported 4 year old!  He loves his water wings and ring.  He is definitely not sinking!

My boys!

Our three fish!


Day 1…in the water and loving it.

The boys!

A beach must…putt putt.

Putt putt time

This was Ethan’s first time putt putting. He had quite a bit of help from Papa and Daddy.

Zach and the boys

All smiles after a fun game of putt putt.

Silly Seth

Seth checking out the alligators at Fuddpuckers.

My big 4 year old

Always so happy.

Mommy and MK

Molly Kate and Mama at the pool.


Our swimmer!

All 4 kids

Trying to get a picture of all 4.  So silly!

The family

Molly Kate was DONE at this point but it is still a pretty good picture.

My girl!

I love this picture.  I am SOOO blessed and lucky to be this girl’s mama.  I love her and I think she loves me too. 🙂


He loves to have his picture made.  Our fantastic pool in the background.

Molly Kate

So happy and always on the GO.

My oldest

This boy is growing up so fast.  He is so much fun to be with and such a big help to me. I love him!

Again...all 4

All 4 in Seaside.  We stopped for shaved ice after dinner and ended up spending over an hour there. The boys played frisbee and Molly Kate ran around.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful night.

beautiful girl

She smiles for the camera when she puts grass on her head. 🙂

 best friends!

These two are best friends.  I love their relationship.

crazy boy!

And this picture depicts Ethan so well…wild and loud.


Look at that smile!

One thought on “Vacation 2013

  1. So fun! I have been waiting for this post! 🙂 I want to hear more about Seacrest….sounds like a great place! LOVE that white dress on her! 😉 She looks so beautiful in it! Miss ya!



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