Easter Fun!

We had a great Easter weekend.  We were able to spend time together with both of our families and lots of our friends from church.  On Saturday, we went to our church’s annual egg hunt.  The boys couldn’t wait to go and play with their friends. We were anxious to see how Molly Kate would do with all the kids running around.  She did great!  She knew exactly what to do when it came time for the hunt.  She was  a little slow but she got some help from her protective older brothers. 🙂  After the very fun (but very cold) egg hunt, Zach took the boys to see a movie while Molly Kate headed home for a much needed nap.

On Sunday, we went to church and celebrated the real reason for Easter.  We love our church and would not want to be anyplace else.  We were very thankful to have both of our parents with us that morning.  After church, we came home and I cooked lunch.  The kids had fun playing with their grandparents and sharing all their Easter goodies.After we ate and cleaned up the dishes, we headed to Columbia to spend the rest of the day with Spencer and Katie and family.  The kids could not wait to see their cousins and have an egg hunt with them.

Reid and Ethan

 Ethan and one of his best buddies from church, Reid.

Sweet Seth

 Funny boy!


I guess I should say Silly Boy on this one.

Molly Kate

 I promise she smiles all day long at home…just not for the camera.


 My mischievous little boy.

Seth and Molly Kate

 I LOVE this picture.  Seth takes his job as a big brother super serious.  He loves his little sister and loves to take care of her.

Molly Kate hunting

 Picking up her first egg.

Ethan hunting

 Too busy to slow down for a picture.

MK hunting

 Another one!

Family affair

 Since Molly Kate was so slow, Carter started putting them down right in front of her so she could get more.  Very sweet.  Notice Ethan is trying to snatch it away from her…not so sweet. ha!

Ethan and Reid

 Ethan and Reid with full baskets!

Easter Bunny!

 Molly Kate did not like the Easter bunny.  Seth is holding out her basket to try to get her to come over.

Easter morning

 Easter morning…waiting to go look in their Easter baskets.

Ready for church

 All dressed up and ready for church!

Crazy egg hunt

 Pure chaos with all the cousins.  They were so busy looking for eggs I could not get a good picture. 🙂

Ethan and Rane

 Love these two boys!

Pierson and MK

 And the two little princesses!  Molly Kate is actually trying to say “cheese.”

The whole crew

 All 7 sitting still for just one minute. 🙂




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