Seth’s Glow Party!

Last year we celebrated Seth and Carter’s birthdays in Disney World.  While Zach and I thought it was the perfect place to celebrate, the boys could not wait to have a “friend party” this year.  They had been planning the guest lists and debating where to have the party for weeks before the big day.  Seth decided on Glow Galaxy.  The entire party is in the dark with black lights.  The kids can play putt-putt, bounce in several bouncy houses, play lots of other games (football, basketball), and they also played a few games of hide and seek.  We were the only ones in the party place and it was perfect for Seth.  Zach and I loved sitting in the middle and watching Seth and all his friends run around.  He is blessed with some really sweet friends!

After an hour and a half in the activity room, we went into the party room for pizza, cake and presents.  Seth had SUCH a good time!

Welcome, Seth!

 All the kids lines up to cheer for Seth as he ran into the party place.  He was a little timid about the entire thing. 🙂


 Starting out playing putt-putt.

Mommy and MK

 It took Molly Kate about 40 minutes before she would get down.  Even though Zach and I were the only adults in there she was still very overwhelmed.

Rane and Ethan

 What can I say about these two??  Two peas in a pod…they love each other and play HARD.


 Right after I caught Molly Kate sticking her head in the bouncy houses.  She was very curious.  She ended up bouncing with Zach towards the end of the party.

Daddy and Seth

 Zach playing putt-putt with Carter.

Ella-Ann and Carter

 Carter and Ella-Ann playing golf.

Group shot!

 The entire group.  We put Molly Kate down on the end beside Molly Kate, but she quickly got up and went and sat in Seth’s lap. She LOVES her big brother.

Party boy!


Cake time!

Getting a little embarrassed while everyone sings to him.

One thought on “Seth’s Glow Party!

  1. The pictures from both party are so cute! Rane and Ethan, those two are nuts! You are right when you say they play hard! Boy do they! I am so thankful that we live so close now and can participate in birthdays!!!! Finally!



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