Bowling with Carter

Carter had wanted a bowling party since one of his friends had a bowling party over Christmas break.  He could not wait to celebrate his birthday with his friends.  I picked him and two of his friends (along with my other 3 kids) and headed to the bowling alley as soon as school let out.  My car is always loud but OH MY GOODNESS.  It had rained that day and no one had been outside for recess to play and burn off some energy.  We paid for that a little bit.  More than once I had to tell the boys to stop wrestling in the bowling alley. 🙂  They all had so much fun together though.  While Seth’s friend list was mostly boys, Carter had a good mixture.  He has some really good friends that are girls.  Zach and I are so thankful that he has such good friends.  We pray for his friends and know how important they will be in his life in the future.

Carter and his friends bowled for an hour and a half and then went into the party room for pizza and cake.  Carter also opened his presents. Lots of legos and pokemon…perfect for him!  After his party ended, we rushed home to change clothes for an 8:00 basketball tournament game.  Needless to say, we all slept good that night.  Carter had so much fun at his party!

Carter and friends


Carter and friends hanging out.

Rane and Ethan


I love this picture of Rane!  I was so thankful that Ethan had a bowling buddy there.

Ella-Ann and Seth


Seth and Ella-Ann…the kids are so thankful their cousins are in TN now!  What a blessing to be able to attend each other’s birthday parties.

Carter and Levi


Carter and one of his best buds, Levi.

Carter and Jackson


Carter and another best bud (since birth), Jackson!

Party room


The whole crew!

Party boy!


The birthday boy!

Blowing out candles


Blowing out his candles.

Carter and Mom


I can’t remember if I wrote about Carter’s birthday dinner in his other post.  He requested Japanese Hibatchi.  Seriously, the kid has good taste.  Whatever happened to Chuck-e-Cheese??? 🙂  The kids LOVED it all…the cook, the fire, and the food.  Ethan was a little scared of the fire but ate everything on his plate (and everyone’s shrimp as well)!  It was a great night!

Carter and Dad


Carter and his Daddy!

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