Snow day!

SNOW!  We finally got  a snow day yesterday.  Carter woke up at 6:30 (on the dot, as always) and ran into our room yelling at us to look outside.  Needless to say, at that point, everyone in the house was awake. Not exactly how I wanted to start my day, but I know they have been waiting for snow for so long!  School was cancelled and we made plans to spend the entire day at home. It was SO cold outside (16 degrees) that the boys didn’t really want to go out (and Seth was recovering from a virus so I was hesitant to let him outside).  Thankfully, we awoke to another snow day today with much more reasonable temps and Daddy was home to play in the snow with them!  I spent 45 minutes bundling everyone up and herded them outside.  This was a special snow day, as it was Molly Kate’s first time to be out in the snow. 🙂  She was mesmerized and dug right in…picking up snow and trying to throw it.  She took a ride on the sled and even made her first snowball before it was time for her to come in.  The boys had SO much fun having a snow ball fight and sledding down the mini-hill in our backyard.  It was  a perfect start to our weekend!

MK - snow

 Molly Kate stepped out onto the deck and immediately dropped down to check it out.


Carter getting hit

Carter getting hit by a snowball thrown by his brother. 🙂


 Revenge! 🙂


 Ethan wanted to wear Seth’s hat. He changed hats and gloves about 10 times because he was so cold.


 My beautiful girl.


 Always so serious for the camera.

 seth - snow angel

 Seth trying to make a snow angel.


 Molly Kate and her Daddy. Lots of love between these two. 🙂


 Carter and Seth both getting Zach at the same time.

 Seth sliding

 All the boys took a cold ride down the slide.

MK and the sled

 Then Molly Kate found this.  This girl has no fear. 🙂  She went first and loved every minute of it.


 Seth taking his turn down.  The boys got these sleds for Christmas last year and this is the first time they have been able to use them.  They worked really well even though we didn’t have a ton of snow.  It was a great morning!


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