Catching up…again

I realize that every time I get on the blog I am playing catch up.  I don’t want to quit blogging because this is essentially our family scrapbook.  But life is busy. Very busy.  This fall has been VERY rough on our family healthwise.  We have struggled with flu, strep, croup, tummy troubles, a chronic sinus infection, and some terrible asthma issues.  We are typically a family that does not get sick which has made this even more difficult.  I don’t think we went to the doctor’s office at all last fall/winter.  This year, I’m pretty sure my kiddos and I are at the top of the list for repeat patients. And the Publix Pharmacist and I are on a first name basis. 🙂  It’s a good thing that I LOVE Publix because there have been weeks when I visited the Pharmacy 4 of 5 days.   But it has also made me so thankful for our otherwise normal health.  For now, we are healthy.  I’m praying we stay that way for quite a while. 🙂

We had a great Thanksgiving.  We spent the day with my family and enjoyed a wonderful meal.  The kids LOVED being with their family and playing with their cousins.  The weather was so nice they were able to play outside most of the day.  With 7 kids in the house, we were thrilled for that!  The day after Thanksgiving we went to visit Zach’s family.  We also went to a reindeer farm with Zach’s mom and dad.  The kids were so excited to see some of Santa’s reindeer!  They got to feed the reindeer and have their picture made with Cupid. 🙂  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from these two days because Zach has already cleared the memory card.

Since Thanksgiving we have been busy with lots of Christmas activities.  The kids visited Santa and while the boys loved him, Molly Kate felt quite the opposite.  She screamed!  Carter and Seth both participated in the Dinner at Bethlehem Christmas Play at our church.  Carter was a wise man and Seth was Joseph.  It was really sweet!  Ethan sang in his Preschool Christmas Program and sang three songs with his sweet little class.  All the boys had Christmas parties at school and loved celebrating with their friends.





Molly Kate
Poor girl!  I thought she would love Santa but she quickly let us know otherwise.


Even when I put her in my lap she still screamed.  She still struggles in large groups and I think that was part of the problem.


Sweet girl in her little manger outfit.

Molly Kate feeding a camel some hay.  She is not afraid of anything!
I love dressing this girl every morning!


Molly Kate feeding the camel some hay. She is not afraid of anything (except Santa!). 🙂

Ethan petting the lamb

Ethan loved petting the animals.

Carter with the camel

Carter had fun feeding the camel.

Joseph and Mary

Our little Jospeh on stage with Mary.  He had so much fun up there.

Dinner at Bethlehem

Carter is the wise man with the red crown.


Both of my boys on stage.  So proud of them.

Seth and Carter


Ethan's Program


My sweet boy singing on stage with his friends.  I love that the kids all wear their Christmas jammies. 🙂

Seth's gingerbread house


Seth showing off his gingerbread house.  He built it at school today and is SO proud of his work.  Don’t ya love the little hand trying to pick the candy off during the picture.  This girl is obsessed with food!

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