Catching up in pictures…

I am so far behind, I am going to do this with pictures.  Here we go….

Our happy girl is back!  It took several weeks after surgery to return to her normal self.  Her eating habits have still not returned to normal, but we are getting there!

She loves to color like her brothers.

At the end of October, Zach took all the boys to the Vanderbilt football game.  This was Ethan’s first time to go to a football game and he LOVED it.

Happy boys at the game!  It was a COLD night.

Love this crazy 3 year old!

I love this picture!  Such a true depiction of these loud and crazy boys.  Despite the looks in this picture, Zach said they were very well behaved at the game and charmed all the season ticket holders around them. 🙂

We also attend Trunk or Treat at our church at the end of October.  This is definitely one of our favorite events of the year.  The kids had SO much fun helping in our LIFE group trunk as well as walking around getting candy from all the other trunks.

Oh my goodness…I could just eat her up in these pictures.  I had SO much fun dressing her up and she LOVED it.  The boys said several times, “Mom, isn’t Molly Kate the cutest fairy here.”  They love their sister. 🙂

Our army commando.  He loves to play with army men and create battles.  This costume is perfect for him.

Seth has been waiting to dress up like a gold power ranger for MONTHS.  It took me forever to find this costume but it was so worth it to see how happy he was when he got all dressed up.  He made Zach put gel in his hair because he said that was how the gold power ranger looked. 🙂

And our little Red Power Ranger.  He didn’t care what he dressed up as…he was just happy to be there. Look at that smile!

One of our friends from church gave this homemade tutu and bow to Molly Kate when we returned from China.  I couldn’t pass it up!

We had a family reunion in Kentucky in November.  Somehow I didn’t end up with many pictures but I loved these two picture of Molly Kate sliding down the BIG slides.  This girl has NO fear!  Seth held her the first time down but after that she wanted to go alone.  Look at her go!

And this is how she landed at the end of the slide.  She LOVED every minute of it!  Look at that belly…this girl is catching up quick!

Molly Kate and her Papa.

Our little “turkey” on Orphan Sunday.  SO excited to have her with us this year. I can remember sitting at church last year feeling so anxious about finding out more about our little girl.  It was amazing to sit there this year thinking about the journey we’ve been on this past year.

Molly Kate loves for someone to read to her. Since I am usually not sitting down, she backs herself into Seth’s lap very often. 🙂  He is just beginning to learn to read but he tries really hard.  He told me today that he would help with Molly Kate whenever I need it.  This boy is a GOOD big brother (and help)!

And just last weekend…Carter graduated to his next belt in his martial arts class.  He is learning a lot and gaining a lot of confidence.  We are so proud of him!

One thought on “Catching up in pictures…

  1. I LOVE the pictures from Trunk or Treat!! Their costumes are awesome! Molly Kate and the boys are so cute! Ethan looks just like Carter, to me, in that picture of them before the football game.


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