Lucky Ladd Farms

This weekend we took the kids to Lucky Ladd Farms.  We usually visit a Pumpkin Patch/Farm here in Franklin and decided we wanted to do something different this year.  This farm was about 40 minutes away but definitely worth the drive.  It has the largest petting zoo in Tennessee and that was by far our kids favorite part.  They also had a great play area with giant slides, mazes, and many other things for the kids to do.  We could have stayed much longer but Molly Kate and Ethan started to melt down.  So after 3 hours, each child picked out a pumpkin, we packed up and headed back home.

Molly Kate hanging out in the stroller.

A group photo before we started all the activities.

Seth on the seesaw.



And not to be left out…Ethan on the seesaw

The boys LOVED the giant slides.

I love Carter’s expression in this one.

They had a small play area for younger kids with little slides.  Molly Kate loved the slide.  She never stayed sitting up but she still loved it.  Ethan loved holding her hand on the way down (although she didn’t need it, it may him feel good to be the big brother).


She smiles all the time but I pull out the camera and she puts on her serious face every time.  I finally got this small smile after her many rides down the slide.

She is protesting having to wait to go down because I wanted to take her picture.  Have I mentioned how strong-willed and independent she is??

She drug around this huge ball until Zach finally put her on it and bounced her around.

Another group shot.

They LOVED the petting zoo.  We bought two bags of food and all of the kids loved feeding the animals.  Watching Molly Kate hold out her little hand full of food to goats, sheep, and llamas was a sweet sight.  She has adjusted SO well to her family.

The boys brushing the goats.  Molly Kate wanted to go in too but I didn’t feel comfortable putting her in there.

Of course, Ethan picked the goat that started using the bathroom while brushing him.  He was amazed and kept watching.  Why are boys obsessed with all things potty-related???

My little girl trying to pet the animals.

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