Carving Pumpkins

After visiting a farm and buying our pumpkins yesterday, we spent this afternoon carving our pumpkins.  The boys had looked at some stencils online and they knew exactly what they wanted to carve on their pumpkin.  Seth decided he would take care of Molly Kate’s pumpkin for her.  He thought she would want just a regular pumpkin face. Carter did all of his carving by himself and was SO proud of his work.  Seth did most of his but needed a little help.  Ethan didn’t do much at all and Molly Kate just played the whole time.  Sweet girl LOVES to be outside. 🙂  After carving time, we spent the rest of the day outside.  It was a beautiful day!

Ethan checking out the inside of his pumpkin.

Sticking his hand in to clean out his pumpkin.

The final result – he chose a chess piece.  He loves to play chess.

Ethan loves Mickey Mouse.  After Zach carved Ethan’s and moved on to help Seth, Ethan went and got a marker and before we knew it he had colored all over his pumpkin (inside and out).  He is always into something!

Molly Kate loved putting the top on and then taking it off.  She would put her hand in and then request a napkin to wipe off her hands.  She doesn’t like dirty hands!

Seth and his cat pumpkin. It turned out so good!

After dinner tonight, we lit all the candles so the kids could see what they looked like at night. They did such a good job!

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