We haven’t really done much at all this week.  The two big boys finished up their baseball season. I’m happy for the break but miss seeing the boys play.  We’ve stayed close to home for Molly Kate. She is doing really well.  We did have to return to the surgeon’s office on Tuesday because she started bleeding again.  He said everything looked great and she didn’t need to come back for several weeks.  We went ahead and scheduled her next surgery to fix her palate for mid-January.  I hate to think about another surgery but it is necessary and we can’t start working on her speech until we fix the palate.

We also went to the ENT to have her hearing re-tested.  She had failed two hearing tests back in August and September.  We knew she had fluid on her ears and probably had for quite a while.  Our doctors hoped that the hearing loss would be reversed as soon as they removed the fluid and put in tubes.  But there was a possibility that damage had already been done and she would have some permanent hearing loss.  Thankfully, she passed her hearing test on Wednesday!  We are so thankful!

Here are a few pictures from today.  I have not done a great job taking pictures lately.  Life’s a little busy. 🙂

My beautiful girl.  I love her hair!!


Molly Kate and Spiderman! The boys went to a super hero birthday party tonight.  We had two Spidermans, a Superman, and our little princess. 🙂

After the party…dressing up in Daddy’s shoes.

I’m sure you notice the arm restraints she still has on.  She has to wear them for 3.5 weeks.  Her doctor does not want her to put anything in her mouth…thumb, food, or toys.  Her lip and the muscles he rebuilt in her lip are very fragile for about 3 1/2 weeks.  We let her take them off a lot during the day when she’s playing (if we are near her).  She actually does really well with them.  However, we will all be glad to see them go in another week or so!

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