Butterfly Party

Carter had his butterfly release party at school a couple of weeks ago.  In 2nd grade, one of their big units every year is a butterfly unit. Each student started out with a caterpillar and watched it go through each phase.  Carter loved this unit!  Every day he would come home telling us something new about the caterpillar or chrysalis or butterfly.  At the end of the unit, each class had a party.  The students performed a little reader’s theater and then we released the butterflies.  Each child received an orange slice to lure their butterfly out of the cage.  After Carter’s first butterfly flew away he was able to lure other butterflies onto his orange. He had so much fun!

He was thrilled that Zach was able to come too.  It was a big day for our 2nd grader!

Carter ready to perform.  He insisted on wearing his VBS shirt from two years ago because it had a butterfly on it. 🙂


His first butterfly.

I love his smile in this one…so excited.


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