First surgery

Molly Kate is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.  She is going to have her lip repaired and tubes put in her ears.  Her second surgery will come about 4-5 months from now when they repair her palate.  As most of you know, her first surgery was cancelled because she had had pneumonia about 4 weeks before her scheduled surgery date and still had congestion.  The anesthesiologist felt like it was too much of a risk to do surgery at that time.  While it was disappointing at the time, we can look back now and know it was for the best.

Our little girl has really started to shine over the last week or so.  We have spent SO much time at home and I feel like she is confident that this is her home.  While we (Zach and I) have felt very isolated at times, I know it has been the best for her.  She is so happy and so comfortable here.  She is much more confident going off to play without requiring for me to be right beside her.  She still wants to be held but she doesn’t seem quite so upset when it is not possible.  She has played much better with her brothers over the last week or so.  They absolutely adore her and she seems to feel the same way now.  She loves for Seth to carry her or for Carter to read her books. She and Ethan played with her babies for a long time in her room on Friday morning.

Overall, I just see our family coming together.  The adjustment to a new little one is hard and this situation has proven to be the same. While there have never been any regrets it has taken a while to adjust to a family of 6 — 3 sweet boys and a precious girl that need a lot of love and time and attention.  This is the most important job we’ll ever do and at times it has been overwhelming.  But I think we’ve turned the corner.  I know surgery is not going to be easy. But we enter into it feeling confident that our little girl knows she is loved.  She knows her mommy and daddy will be there every step of every day and we will take care of her.  She finally knows security and family.

Laying with her brothers on the first chilly morning we had.  We had to bring pillows and blankets downstairs because everyone was so cold. 🙂

Dressed and ready for a big day of baseball.  I think we had three games on this day.  She did great!

How cute is this?  I was making dinner and looked over to see this. I love how much they love each other (especially since most of the time it feels like they are always fighting with each other).

She loves to feed her babies.

Showing off her new ability to clap…

and blow kisses…

and play peek-a-boo. 🙂

 I LOVE this smile!!

One thought on “First surgery

  1. I love all of your recent posts! I totally forgot you would be updating your blog with the surgery and hospital stay. This particlar post is just so sweet. I love all of the great pictures of the kids. I am so thankful everyone, including MK, is adjusting and things are stilling to fit into place and feel normal. I know how good that feels and the peace that comes with it. I cannot wait to get my hands on that sweet girl….that is, if she’ll let me! ha!

    P.S., Rane is seriously missing Ethan. We need to get together when things are calm again for ya.



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