Molly Kate’s birthday party

Today we were able to celebrate Molly Kate’s birthday with both of our families.  What a blessing!  Molly Kate was in a great mood and was very outgoing all day.  Usually when there are a lot of people around she gets very quiet and wants me to hold her the entire time.  Today she was playful and friendly all day.  A big step for her!  Overall, it was a great day.  The weather ended up being beautiful despite the rainy start to our day.  The rain did cancel the boys’ morning baseball games.  While we hated to miss their games, it did allow us more time with our family to celebrate Molly Kate’s big day.

After discussing birthday themes with the boys, we decided to have a ladybug party.  We used black and red for everything and even had red and black polka dotted balloons.  The boys helped me make chocolate cupcakes decorated with red sprinkles and chocolate chips for the spots.  I know Molly Kate didn’t care about all the food and decorations but I wanted to make her first birthday at home special.

Even though I doubt she understood much of what went on today, I could tell she had fun. That made the day perfect. She got into opening her gifts and LOVES all her new toys.  She also loved her birthday cupcake.  She kept handing it to me so that I could break off pieces for her so she wouldn’t get dirty but she did eat the whole thing. Here are some pictures of our day:

The party food.

All of the cousins – ages: 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, and 7.  Whew…they are a handful when they are together but very close!

My 4 babies. 🙂

Finally…a picture of her smiling! This is a normal sight at our house but not so much for the camera.

Molly Kate got LOTS of help opening her presents.

Ella-Ann helped Molly Kate with her baby.

It’s not a great picture of Molly Kate but Seth really wanted to have his picture made with her.  He LOVES his sister and is so good with her every day.

Molly Kate in her new blue princess shoes pushing her new shopping cart with her new baby strapped in the front. 🙂 I think she likes her gifts.

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.

All of the kids (minus Pierson who was sleeping and Carter who is hanging out with my Dad elsewhere) enjoying their cupcakes.

I think she likes it!

Carter and Dad’s 2 hour monopoly game. 🙂

These two are the best of friends.  They truly love each other and I love watching them get closer each time they are together.

One thought on “Molly Kate’s birthday party

  1. We had such a good time! Hated that Spencer missed the fun but the kids and I were thrilled to celebrate Molly Kate!!!!! Hope to see ya soon!



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