Today was the third 1st day of school at our house.  Carter started on August 10th.  Seth started on August 16th and Ethan started today.  To say Ethan was excited is a HUGE understatement. He has been ready to go since his big brothers started over a week ago. He has carried his bag around the house many days and asked where his lunchbox is no less than 20 times a day. 🙂

We took our first day pictures and then hopped in the car to run Carter and Seth to school before we headed up the road to preschool.  Ethan spent the entire 10 minute drive insisting that he walk himself into school. After all, according to him, “I am three.  I can do it myself.”  He lost the argument but I assured him that I will drop him off in the line every other day except today.  I wanted to get a first day picture with his teacher. He seemed okay with that.  He marched confidently into his classroom and immediately started playing with his friends.  I tried to give him a good-bye hug, but he just gave me a high five and turned right back to his friends. 🙂  After our rough start last year, I was thrilled that he was excited to be at school. It was a great day!

For Carter’s first day of school, Zach took him to get donuts.  We weren’t thinking that we were going to have two more first days this year. The boys have been a little spoiled with donuts.

My big 3 year old!

So excited!

I tried hard to get a group picture, but Molly Kate was having way too much fun outside to sit still for a picture.

Miss Jessica and Ethan.  Can you tell he wants to go play and not take a picture? 🙂

This is the best I could get of Ethan and his best bud, Crew.

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