Our weekend in pictures…

We spent Saturday morning at my parents’ house visiting family.  Craig, Spencer, Katie, Ella-Ann, Rane, and Pierson were all there too.  Katie and I have been dying to get Molly-Kate and Pierson together.  They are only 4 months apart and I know one day they will be the best of friends!  For now, they didn’t really know what to think of each other. 🙂

The kids played outside ALL day!  Molly Kate loves water and she spent the morning splashing in this bucket.  She was soaking wet when we went inside to eat lunch.

Ella-Ann, Carter, and Seth played baseball with Uncle Craig.

Rane and Ethan played in the water bucket with Molly-Kate.

On Saturday evening, Carter had his first martial arts belt graduation ceremony.  He loves martial arts and has done really well in class!  He graduated from his white belt to his yellow dragon belt.  We are very proud of him!

He is the kid in the front kicking the pad his teacher is holding.

Grappling with another classmate.

Accepting the new belt and certificate from his teacher.  After this ceremony, we went to dinner with friends.  Overall, a GREAT day!  On to Sunday…

Molly Kate went to church for the first time on Sunday.  She looked adorable in her little white smocked dress!!  She is constantly pulling out her bows so you’ll see them in some pictures but not in others.

She did really well but it was easy to see that she was slightly overwhelmed.  She sucked her thumb ALOT that morning.  We all went up front for our minister to pray over Molly Kate.  It was a very sweet morning.

We tried to get a decent family picture after church but Molly Kate was getting tired and was not interested in looking at the camera.  Within hours of getting home, our sweet girl started running a fever and we found out today that she has an ear infection.

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