2nd grade

Today was the big day for Carter! I can’t say that he was excited about going to school but he didn’t complain so I’ll take that as a good morning. 🙂  He did seem excited about recess and seeing his friends!  His teacher seems very nice and I’m optimistic that it is going to be a good year.  He was very excited that they had “real” desks instead of tables. I heard him telling Seth about it in the van today.  Seth was very impressed.  It is so funny the things they get excited about.

While I am sad that summer is over, I am ready for a little more structure at our house.  I won’t lie…life at home with 4 kids is a little crazy right now!  Molly Kate wants my attention constantly and I feel bad for the boys at times.  They are SO patient though….they have been excellent big brothers!  I know they will love school so I’m excited for them to start.  Seth goes 2 days next week and then Ethan will start right before Labor Day.

He looks so grown up!

I can’t believe we have 4 kids!  I LOVE this picture of all my babies!

Big 2nd grader at his desk. 🙂

And a back to school tradition…Zach camps out downstairs with the boys the first Friday night after school starts.  They love sleeping on the mattress together with their Daddy.  A special treat for all of them.  Molly Kate and I enjoyed the upstairs to ourselves. 🙂

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