Life at home

We’ve been home for only 12 days and Molly Kate has made so much progress!  On our first night home, she began to feed herself.  She can pick up anything and put it in her mouth.  We are still struggling as to how to help her drink but I met with a speech therapist earlier this week and she gave me some strategies to try.  She will eat anything and still cries when she runs out of food.  It takes a long time to fill this girl up!  Here are a few other things about our Molly Kate:

  • She has explored every inch of this house. Within an hour of being home she had already thrown toys in the potty and splashed around herself.  We quickly baby-proofed the house again and brought up the baby gates from the basement.
  • The boys are in love with her.  She won’t play with them too much but recently had a 10 minute tea party with Seth and Ethan. 🙂  They are very concerned about her whens she cries.  Ethan wants me to fix it immediately.  Seth sits by her until she stops.
  • On her second day home, she started making noises and being much more verbal.  In China, all we heard were a few laughs and a few cries.  Now that she’s home, she makes noises all day long.  She also stopped sucking her thumb during the day.  Unless she is overwhelmed, in the car, or in her bed, she keeps it out of her mouth.
  • She has definitely attached to Zach and I.  She reaches for us if anyone else comes in the room.  She has allowed a few other people to hold her, but for the most part, she just wants mom and dad.
  • She LOVES her bath and the pool.  She has no fear with water…very different from my other kids! I think she will definitely be ready for swimming lessons next summer.
  • She also loves trying on everyone’s shoes.  She is constantly walking around the house in a pair of the boys’ tennis shoes.

I forgot to include this in my previous post. Our welcome home sign!  It now hangs inside our garage to remind me of that special day.

She jumped right in playing with the toys.

She passed out Legos to all the boys.  They couldn’t get enough of her!

Tea time!

Molly Kate’s first time in our neighborhood pool.  She was a little overwhelmed but still enjoyed it.

She loves all of the ride on toys we have.  Thankfully, we have several so that each of them can have one.

Here she is wearing Seth’s old tennis shoes.

And here she is in Seth’s new tennis shoes. 🙂

Her 2nd time at the neighborhood pool…much more comfortable and confident.

Pretty girl!

And not to be forgotten….Ethan learned how to swim in the big pool with his water ring!  I have tried to convince him to do this all summer. One night with Daddy at the pool and he decided he’s ready.  He was SO proud of himself!

Look at that smile!

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