I am SO thankful to be home!  While our travel home did not go as planned, it was all worth it to walk off that plane and see our family and so many of our friends!   Our plane was scheduled to arrive in Nashville on Friday night at 6:10.  After 4 flight delays and gate changes, Zach and I decided to spend the night in Detroit and catch a flight home on Saturday morning.  We were SO tired and Molly Kate was as well.  Right after we changed our tickets, our original flight was cancelled.  We went to an airport hotel and slept soundly all night long.  We woke up rested and ready to go home to our boys!

Saturday was amazing…a day that we had dreamed about for over a year.  To have our boys and our sweet girl all at home together was an amazing feeling.  The boys are so excited to have their sister home!  While I could write more about that day, I’d rather show pictures of our homecoming. My sweet friend, Ashley, took all of these great pictures for us.  So blessed to have these special memories of such a great day!

Seth and Ethan hanging out with Uncle Craig at the airport!

Nana and Papa with their 6 grandchildren.  Waiting on #7 to arrive…

Several of the kids holding up their signs.  Carter has had his sign ready since last November when we welcomed home our friends’ little boy from Ethiopia.  He hid it under his dresser and asked us not to look at it.  He was so excited to finally use it!


More friends…

Look at my sweet boy’s sign – “Come home Molly Kate.  I love my sister. From, Seth”

More waiting…. and then…

SO happy to see my boys!

Molly Kate meeting her brothers and cousin.

Our family of 6 together at last!!

Sweet boy…he would not let me put him down.  He kept asking me if we could go home.  I missed my baby!

Best hug of the day!

Molly Kate checking it all out.

I was so happy to see my family at the airport.

I missed these girls…great college friends!

Our families all together!

Our airport group! I know we missed a few people that had already left.  Thank you all for coming…it meant a lot to us!


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