Day 5

Thank you to everyone who sent me an email, left a comment yesterday or said a prayer for us.  Yesterday was  a rough day.  Today was a MUCH better day!  I don’t have much time to write but I do have lots of pictures.  We started out at the Pearl Market this morning. It is huge.  Lots of wholesale pearl stores and stores selling jade, which is a very popular stone here in China.  Zach picked out some pearls for Molly Kate and had a necklace, bracelet, and earrings made for her for the future.  He also surprised us with bracelets to wear now.  Molly Kate looks adorable in her little pearl bracelet and I love mine as well. 🙂

We walked around the pearl market for several hours.  We stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut which was SO good.  The pizza tasted exactly the same.  After arriving back at the hotel around 2:30, we decided to take Molly Kate swimming for the first time.  She is going to fit in well with the boys because she LOVED the water.  She splashed the entire time!  After an hour at the pool, we cleaned up and decided to try an Italian restaurant for dinner.  It was a disaster.  We were the only ones in the restaurant and the waitresses stood right beside our table the entire time.  And the food was so bad.  I think Zach and I reached the point of craziness because we couldn’t quit laughing at the entire situation.  And those sweet waitresses had no idea what was going on.  Molly Kate, on the other hand, loved the spaghetti. 🙂  Once we got back to the hotel, Zach ran out and got both of us hot fudge sundaes from McDonald’s to make up for it!  It was probably one of those situations where you just had to be there but we have struggled so much with food it was nice to be able to laugh about it!

But the best part of the day was after we got back to the hotel room.  Molly Kate really started smiling and smiling a lot. LOVE! She played with us and her toys and seemed really happy to be with us.  Such an answer to prayers!  She even started crying at bedtime. I know tears are supposed to be bad but in this situation, it is good because it means she is starting to trust us to help her.  In an orphanage, babies eventually stop crying altogether because after time, they realize that no one is going to respond to their cries.  To hear Molly Kate cry and be able to comfort her was a big step!

  Zach and Molly Kate at the Pearl Market.  There are hundreds of shops there.  They do sell pearls but it is name the Pearl Market because it is close to the Pearl River.

Zach went through each strand of pearls until he found what he wanted.

 This baby girl is going to be spoiled by her Daddy! 🙂  She loved her new bracelet.


 Molly Kate and Mommy showing off their new pearls!

 After lunch, Molly Kate instantly fell asleep in the stroller.

 Just a glimpse at the crazy stuff sold at the Pearl Market.  Color overload!


We had to try on a few bathing suits before we found one that fit.  Thanks for sharing, Pierson!

 She loved sitting on the side of the pool and splashing Zach.

 Making big splashes!

 Molly Kate really started playing today. She played with all her toys and loves her books.  She loves anything with textures.

 Love those big brown eyes!

 This picture is for my boys!  They have Subway in China!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. So happy everything is going well and Molly Kate is adjusting and learning to trust you. She is so precious and I bet her brothers can’t wait to meet her!


  2. I want a picture of Walmart! That cracks me up. She looks like she loved the water. I can’t believe that she didn’t have a bow on at the Pearl Market:) Payton noticed first. She said, “Hey, where’s her bow?” She is precious. I had a LONG talk with Carter on the phone today. He talked my ear off and Payton’s. He seems happy but ready for you guys to come home with Molly! Love you!


  3. I just loved seeing all of these pictures and hearing that today (yesterday) went well. She is just captivating! I’m sure you both feel the same way. This whole experience has just been such a blessing to the people that have shared it with you and we’ve passed the excitement on too. Thanks! Love you and I will keep praying that all of these transitions go smoothly.


  4. Mandy and Zack,
    Molly Kate is adorable. I have loved reading your blog and seeing all the cute pictures. Sounds like she already has Daddy wrapped around her little fingers! Little girls are such a wonderful blessing – little boys are too! She is so blessed to have such wonderful and loving mom and dad and big brothers waiting for her at home. We can’t wait to meet her. Enjoy your time with each other and Molly Kate.
    We are lifting you and your sweet family in prayer.
    The David Flow Family


  5. Mandy, I just subscribed to your blog and have been reading all of the posts about Molly Kate and your time in China. Your daughter is just precious and as cute as can be! It’s fun reading how from each day to the next she is opening up to you and Zach more and allowing her emotions out in front of you…what an amazing journey! Thanks for letting us all in on how things are going over there. Hope to be able to meet sweet Molly Kate some day!


  6. Oh I love that swimsuit on her….perfect!!!! What a sweet little girl! I just love the pearls on Molly Kate too!!! What a girly girl you have on your hands…welcome to a very fun world! 🙂

    Sounds like you all had a fantastic day, what an encouragement! Cannot wait to hear that sweet girl laugh!



  7. Mandy,
    We have been praying for you all diligently every day since you left. I am so glad to see Molly Kate connecting with you all. I can tell a big difference in her expressions from the first day of pictures til today. She has no idea of what a wonderful life she is going to have with you all. We can’t wait to see you all when you arrive back home!


  8. Molly Kate looks so cute in her little bathing suit. I hope we can squeeze in a pool day together you guys before school starts. It is a good thing she likes the water.
    Jealous of the pearls. What a sweet memory for you both. Zach seems to be adjusting well to having a daughter. Girls do like gifts! Now he has someone else to spoil, too!!!!!


  9. So glad that today was a better day! Molly Kate looks so cute in her little pearls! Continuing to pray for ya’ll! Thanks for keeping us updated through the blog, Andrea


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