Day 4 with Molly Kate

Today was not a very exciting day. We had Molly Kate’s doctor appointment this morning. It only took about 5 minutes once we got in to see the doctor. A nurse checked her height and weight. She weighed 9.5 kg. which is almost 21 pounds. And that was completely dressed with shoes on! Then she saw an ear, nose, and throat doctor to check for any infection. Last she saw a general doctor that checked everything else. No issues at all so we left quickly after the appointment.

While there we met a family from Murfreesboro. It was nice to talk about Tennessee! We miss home! We have met SO many nice people while over here and for that we are so thankful. There are lots of families adopting cleft lip and palate babies and also several that have adopted cleft lip and palate in the past (and are back for their second adoption). It is nice to hear words of wisdom from people who have experience with it. And nice to talk to people who are experiencing the same thing we are for the first time. šŸ™‚

After the doctor’s appointment, we ordered a pizza and got Molly Kate down for her nap. She went down easily. She did not have a very peaceful sleep last night so I think she was really tired. She fell asleep immediately and slept for over 2 hours. While she slept, Zach and I watched a movie on HBO. We only get three English-speaking channels in the room – Cinemax, HBO and ESPN. We don’t watch too much television but it is nice to have a few options.

After Molly Kate woke up, we went to another park. It was very pretty. People in the park were very curious about our family. They would stare at Molly Kate and then look at Zach and I. They weren’t really rude but definitely interested. We did have a few people take pictures of us (I’m assuming because we are Americans). After about 20 minutes of walking around, I had someone come up and ask if they could have their picture taken with me. Crazy. Of course I said yes. I guess there are some people that think all blonde headed Americans are famous. šŸ™‚

We bought Molly Kate some bubbles for the park. Poor thing was pretty scared of them. She didn’t cry but would pull back if they got too close to her. She is still really having a hard time showing any emotion. She has smiled a handful of times and actually cried once today (when she thought I was taking her food away….I wasn’t). Please pray for her to feel peace and love. I know this takes time and I am more than willing to wait as long as possible. But it is hard to watch your child look so sad and so scared. I want her to know love, acceptance, and trust. And unfortunately, I’m not sure she ever has. But that is why we are here and more than anything I want to give these things to her.

Here are a few pictures of our day! If you have time, I’d love to read some comments from home today! I’m feeling a little homesick!

Pretty girl at the doctor’s office building

She did not like having her ears checked.

At the park. We let her take her shoes off. She does not like wearing shoes either.

ALWAYS sucks her thumb. šŸ™‚


Still sucking her thumb at dinner. She’ll open for a bite and after we put it in, she puts the thumb back in and chews up her food. šŸ™‚

Zach ate off the buffet tonight. This was his first plate. He loves California rolls but I thought he was pretty brave to try the beady eyed crab. šŸ™‚ I figure my boys will love this picture!

15 thoughts on “Day 4 with Molly Kate

  1. You will be home before you know it and wishing you had these simple/slow days to enjoy your little blessing all to yourself. Go eat at Lucy’s again. It was good comfort food. Atleast as close as you can get that far away. JT was fasinated with the duck and the whole fish (eyeballs and all) on the buffett. Sorry, I forgot all about the random photograph requests…should have warned you.


  2. I love the pictures. She is so sweet! Molly is beautiful! We can’t wait to meet her. The girls wake up every morning checking on my facebook to see the new pics of their cousin! They are very excited to see her. Payton wants to play with her hair. Dylan wants to teach her how to be SASSY! Love you guys and hopefully see you at the airport!


  3. Just love her, Mandy. She’ll feel it. it took Cooper until the night of his 4th day with us before he started coming out of his shell and start to show emotion and start to truly interact with us. She’ll get there. Y’all are awesome!! You’ll be home before you know it.


  4. Molly Kate loves her thumb! Yay! Mom and I were talking about Taylor and her paci today and I told her that your little girl is a thumb sucker! My mom sucked her thumb as a baby. Drew and Jackson were so happy that Molly Kate sucks her thumb. Thumb Suckers UNITE!! I have always said thumb suckers are good babies because they can self soothe:) Now that I have a paci baby they are self soothing just with a little help!! I have been finding Taylor in her bed with a paci in her mouth and another in her hand. She loves to take it out and play with it then put it back in…so sweet!

    Tell Zach I am so proud of his dinner choice:) Andy would have a very hard time with food options. Is the “Chinese” food similar to what is served in America? I have a feeling what I get at Pei Wei is not the same in China!!

    Too funny about people wanting your picture!! We miss your sweet face and cannot wait for you to come home so we can talk on the phone and hang out. I trust that Molly Kate can feel your love more and more each day. I pray that she will learn how to react to such amazing love and affection. I hope her personality will begin to shine in the coming days, weeks, and months! We are counting down the days until next Friday when we can see you, Zach and Molly Kate…Evans party of six!!

    Love and hugs!!


  5. We just love following all the posts from you and Zach. We can’t wait to meet Molly Kate. She is so precious, and the love you all feel for her shines so clearly through your pictures. I know she is feeling that love, even if it is an emotion she is not used to. God could not have sent her a more loving mommy and daddy.
    We saw the boys on Sunday with your mom and dad. She had them in their matching blue polos–too cute! (as always!) Miranda said that Carter is super excited to have his little sister come home, and was telling the kids all about it in class. I know you miss them dreadfully, and I pray for you and each of them daily. We will have to plan on you all coming over once you are home and settled in. We will introduce Molly Kate to yummy Italian food!
    You and Zach are constantly in our thoughts and prayers! You are so very dear to us!


  6. Well ya know I will leave a comment! šŸ™‚ Glad the doctor appointment went well. She is reminding me SO much of Pierson….P weighs 21 pounds, is very, very quiet in unfamiliar places/situations, sleeps like a champ, hates shoes, sucks her thumb, is reserved with emotions and is afraid of bubbles! Wow! They really will be 2 peas in a pod and EA will (hopefully) not be afraid of her since she is so quiet! When I went to Emily’s last Friday Adalyn scared her so much she crawled over to a corner in another room and cried like her leg was being cut off! She is SO afraid of other loud babies and situations! MK and P can just play along side each other in their quietness! We had to do bubbles in therapy for a VERY long time before P learned to like them and now we use them for speech for the “b” sound. Pierson also used to suck her thumb to get food down her throat as well!

    It is so great you are meeting nice people to encourage you! LOVE that you got your picture taken by someone! What is funny was that the other night I told Spencer that I bet that a lot of Chinease people stare at Mandy b/c she is sooo American looking! ha!

    Tell Zach he can bring the crab home to me!! šŸ™‚



  7. Hi Guys, Hope all is well this morning. We’re enjoying the posts and pictures. Those are the things we check first in the AM and last in the PM. But we remember how it is getting everything worked in, so don’t feel pressure to send a ton of info, even though we want all we can read.
    Love those natural no hair band pictures today.
    Enjoy the days together, those three little cyclones are fine and will be swirling around you soon.
    Let us know if we can do anything to help prepare for the return.
    love – Dad


  8. Mandy, I love reading your posts and seeing the pictures! Her little round cheeks are precious! Enjoy these few days with not much to do. It will be the total opposite when you get home!


  9. Hope this posts this time! I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with us! She is beautiful and precious! What a blessing! We are ready for you all to be home, too. Love to you all!


  10. Hey sweet Mandy and adventurous Zach! I have a hard time eating something with eyes looking at me, so I am impressed Zach! And before you know it, Mandy, you will be at Chick-fil-a with your Coke Zero and the rest of the moms with preschoolers! I am just picturing the scene a few weeks from now when your 3 boys are racing around and Molly Kate is just taking it all in. You will have to get her a pink chair like teh blue ones your boys have so she can have her space too! Enjoy this time of getting to know her better, just one on one. We are thinking of you so much!


  11. Love reading all your posts Mandy! Molly Kate is so adorable, and I know she will soon feel the love and security of your family. She’ll be running around and wrestling with your boys before you know it! Thanks for keeping us updated through the blog! We’ll keep you all in our prayers! Andrea Brostowicz


  12. Mandy,
    I have loved reading your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures of your sweet Molly Kate. We cannot wait to meet her. What a wonderful blessing she will be to your family. Little Girls are so special and they have their Daddy’s wrapped around their little fingers! Molly Kate is so blessed to have such a loving mom and dad and three loving Big brothers waiting for her at home. We are lifting you and your sweet family in prayer.
    Sending our love and hugs,
    The David Flow family


  13. She is so beautiful! You and Zach are doing such a good job introducing her to things slowly and not getting her overwhelmed. So glad she is not having trouble eating, what a blessing that is. I know you are homesick and your are missing those boys. Time will hopefully fly by until the day of the big family introduction, what a fun time that will be. Be careful and have fun! love ya, Amy


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