Day 3 with Molly Kate

We didn’t do much today.  We ate breakfast at the hotel. It comes with the room and the restaurant is full of families adopting.  We meet someone new every morning which is nice.  There are so many people that are here for their 2nd or 3rd adoption.  As we were eating this morning, we overheard two families talking about the chips and pico de gallo they had eaten the night before.  Zach very quickly asked about it and they told us about a mexican restaurant not far from here.  We will definitely go there soon!  We had already said that mexican food would be our first meal when we get home! 🙂

After breakfast we walked to a park close to the hotel. It was so pretty.  There were people doing tai chi there as well as people just walking around and exploring like we were.  There was a lake in the park which was really pretty.  We also found a restaurant in the middle of the park called Jia Yan which is Molly Kate’s Chinese name.  While walking back to the hotel, we stopped at McDonald’s to grab a quick lunch.  Molly Kate had her first french fry and loved it.  She has actually loved everything we’ve given her.  She loves puffs!

Molly Kate took another 2 hour nap after lunch and then it was time to go apply for her passport.  The main reason why our trip is 14-16 days long is because of the passport.  Guangdong province (where Guangzhou is located) does not expedite the passport process so it will be not ready until late next week.   The entire process only took about 2 minutes so we were back at the hotel before dinner. Before we left the passport office we started talking to another couple that is over here adopting their 2nd child.  They commented that Molly Kate looks a lot like their daughter.  After talking for a while, we found out that the man works for HCA (same as Zach).  It was neat…they knew a lot of the same people.  We are going to dinner with them soon.

We decided to play it safe and eat in the hotel tonight.  I had a club sandwich and Zach had a cheeseburger. We are SO not adventurous with our food! After dinner, it was time for a bath for Molly Kate and bed. She would not sit down in the tub tonight. She acted very fearful of the water.  She has had more expression and personality today than the past two days. She has smiled several times for us while we’re tickling her and she almost laughed for Zach this morning.  She will pick up toys and play with them which is an improvement from yesterday.  I am so excited to see her open up a little bit more each day!

 She loves her thumb and her cell phone. 🙂

 She started picking up toys today for the first time.

 In the stroller at the park.

 In front of the restaurant that shares Molly Kate’s Chinese name – Jia Yan


 Sacked out with Daddy at nap time.  Still holding on to her cell phone!

 A SMILE! We hope to see more of these soon!

 We gave her some new toys after her bath.  She picked up her little pink bracelet and immediately put it on her wrist. 🙂


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