Guangzhou – Day 2

This morning we went back to the Civil Affairs Office to finalize our adoption of Molly Kate.  They took an official family picture and then we were interviewed by two different people.  When we left the building an hour later her adoption was final.  She is officially our daughter!  We are now waiting on her passport and visa. Once we get those two documents, we will be ready to head back home.

After our time at the Civil Affairs Office, our guide took us to Walmart.  We bought some baby food and diapers for Molly Kate.  We also found some Oreos and Coke Zero.  I was thrilled!

After Walmart we came back to the hotel to feed Molly Kate lunch and then she went down for a nap. She slept about 2 hours.  She is doing so well with her sleep.  I think it helps that she can self-soothe herself with her thumb.

We went to Shamin Island this afternoon. It was very pretty with a lot of parks and stores.  We didn’t have too much time to look around but we plan to go back. The main reason we went was because we had been told there was a restaurant there that sold Western food.  We were desperate for some “normal” food and we were thrilled to find a menu full of hamburgers, french fries, baked potatoes, etc…  I know we will go back! 🙂

Molly Kate has continued to be very quiet. She has not cried at all but also hasn’t made very much noise at all.  She has started getting down and walking around which is more than she would do yesterday.  She will take a few steps by herself but prefers to hold someone’s hand while walking.  Of course, we are happy to walk her wherever she wants to go. 🙂

 Waiting our turn at the Civil Affairs Office.

 This girl LOVES her thumb!

 We had a few outfit changes today because of accidents.  She loved walking around the room with Daddy.

 She looked SO cute tonight all dressed up to go out to dinner.


 After we got home from dinner, we changed her into her pajamas and she snuggled on the bed with Daddy.  We got a half smile tonight.  We’ll take it!

2 thoughts on “Guangzhou – Day 2

  1. Oh my word that baby is adorable! Love the pjs too! Aren’t girl pjs the cutest??? 🙂 I love her snuggling on the bed with Zach, so sweet! Her with the thumb in her mouth reminds me so much of EA….that girl would never take it out of her mouth! Clearly Molly Kate needs a lovey…get the girl a bobbie ASAP!!!! 🙂


  2. Oh, I could just pick that little sweetie up and hug her to death! Molly Kate is a very lucky little girl to get parents and extended family like all of you. I am sure you feel lucky to have such a beautiful blessing brought to your lives too! I admire your courage and love.


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