Today was our last day without Molly Kate!  We traveled to Guangzhou from Hong Kong this afternoon.  We took a 2 hour train ride into the city and met our guide, Maggie, at the train station.  We quickly realized just how different it is in Guangzhou.  Hong Kong was super crowded but nothing like Guangzhou.  There are people and cars EVERYWHERE.  In Hong Kong everything was written in Chinese as well as English.  That isn’t the case in Guangzhou.  Despite all of this, we are thankful to be here.  We are in Molly’s home country and thrilled that tomorrow is the big day.  To think that tonight she is going to bed by herself without a mom and dad for the last time is something we are so thankful for.

Maggie gave us an update on Molly Kate.  She is no longer taking a bottle and only eating congee.  Congee is a mushed up watered down rice.  Sounds yummy, huh?  We have been told that this is not enough nutrition for a child her age so we should start to introduce new foods this week.  I’m a little nervous about that because of her cleft palate but we are going to do the best we can.  Maggie is going to take me to a large supermarket tomorrow to buy a rice cooker and some rice so that I can make her congee in the room.  Evidently you can buy congee at some restaurants but we have been told it would be expensive to buy at each meal every day so Maggie recommended making our own.

We leave the hotel tomorrow at 1pm to go to the Civil Affairs office to get Molly Kate at 2pm.  We would appreciate prayers for all of us.  It is a big day for our family!  No pictures this time but tomorrow I’ll have plenty!!

One thought on “Guangzhou

  1. We will say a special prayer for you and Zach tonight! I hope to wake up in the morning to some pictures of Molly Kate:) So exciting!!


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