Hong Kong

We made it!  Our flight arrived into Hong Kong around 8:00pm last night.  It was a LONG flight (16 hours) but it went well.  We were blessed with super nice people beside us and around us.  We were able to sleep for about 4 hours off and on so we were extremely tired when we arrived.  After checking in, we quickly went to bed and slept all night.

Our agency had not scheduled a group tour for today so we were on our own to explore.  Thankfully, Hong Kong has a great subway and it was fairly easy to get around.  Some friends of ours recommended that we travel out to Stanley Market so we decided to do that.  When we left the hotel at 9:15am we did not realize that it would take about 1 1/2 hours to get there!  We changed subways three times and then had to take a double decker bus to the market.  I was more nervous on the bus than I was on the flight over here.  We had to go up and down a mountain to get to the market.  The winding roads had NO shoulders or medians and most of the time there was a tiny little guardrail between the bus and the 500 ft drop-off.  The cars here also drive SO close together.  I was terrified.  Zach thought it was great.  The market was fun though.  Lots of tourist areas and a beautiful view of the harbor.  We ate lunch on the water and had a great time.

Tomorrow we take the train to Guangzhou and check into our hotel that will be our home for the next 11 days. It is hard to believe that the day after tomorrow we will see our little girl.  I’m sure she has no idea how her world is about to change (and ours too).  We are so thankful to be on this journey and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Ready to board the plane for our long 16 hour flight over the North Pole.

 Zach in front of the water at Stanley Market

Shopping area – lots of the same stuff over and over.  A lot of knock-off items, jewelry, purses, and clothes.

We climbed out on the rocks and got our picture made.

 On the top level of the double decker bus.  I started out with my hair down but the humidity is insane here.  Even worse than Nashville.

This was the view on the way down.

Look how high up!

Beautiful views though…

 6 hours later back at our subway stop and ready for a break. 🙂


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