Time to go…

We are almost packed and ready to go to China!  The time has finally come and we could not be more excited!  While we are anxious and nervous to leave our boys here, we know that it will be worth it and that this little girl will be such a blessing to our family.  I can’t imagine having pink in the house! 🙂

We would appreciate your prayers while we are gone.  Here are a few specific things:

  • Please pray for Molly Kate.  What a big change she is facing!  While we know it is a change for the better, it is still going to be very traumatic for her. Pray that she is able to attach to us quickly and feel how much we love her.
  • Please pray for our safety while we are gone.  It is a LONG flight and we will be so far away from our family.  Pray that everyone stays safe and healthy while we are apart.
  • Pray for the rest of the adoption process in China.  Specifically our consulate appointment and visa pickup (all scheduled for 7/26).  We need all of these to take place on time so that we can get home as scheduled.

I cannot say enough about this entire adoption process.  I am sure I will spend time writing about it while we are in China because it has been life-changing.  God has opened our eyes to so many things and truly changed us.  We feel confident we are right where we need to be doing what God wants us to do.  And the biggest blessing is yet to come because in 5 days I will be holding my little girl!

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