Adoption update and a family day

We are SO close to traveling to China.  While we don’t know details, we know that our travel approval is on its way from China.  In many ways, it seems like we have waited FOREVER to travel halfway across the world to get our daughter but in other ways, it is just now feeling real.  Either way, we are completely ready to go and excited about starting this journey with Molly Kate!

Since we are not taking a family vacation this year, we decided to make a day trip to Chattanooga to take our kids to the Tennessee Aquarium.  Seth has wanted to go for so long and was SO excited when Zach told him on Friday morning. The other boys were excited as well but Seth was by far the most excited about today.  We left at 7 this morning and arrived just after the aquarium opened.  We visited the River Journey first and the boys LOVED the otters.  They also loved the River Giants display.

After lunch, we went to the Ocean Journey and the boys LOVED petting the sting rays.  In fact, we did it twice.  They could have stood there petting the stink rays and small sharks forever but after trying to prevent Ethan from falling in the tank on numerous occasions, Zach and I insisted that we move on. 🙂  After sting rays, we went to see the penguins.  Twice.  It was a great exhibit.  They were feeding the penguins while we were there and the boys loved watching them eat. Ethan loved seeing “nemo” on several occasions.  Carter loved reading all the signs to learn more about the animals.  It was hard to get a picture of him because he was constantly running ahead of us.  His favorite was the butterfly exhibit.  He desperately wanted one to land on him.  In fact, he walked around the whole time with his arms stretched out. 🙂

On the way out, the boys loved playing in the water.  Like everything else, we had to pull them out of the water to leave.  Although I’m sure it did feel good since it was over 105 degrees outside. 🙂 Overall, it was a perfect day.  We didn’t have any temper tantrums and only a few tears. In our house, that is success!

Beside the otter exhibit.

Trying to touch the fish while they are swimming.

Their favorite exhibit – touching the sting rays and small sharks.  Ethan almost ended up in the tank. I really don’t think he would have cared!

I could not get Seth or Ethan to look at the camera – way too excited to stop and smile.

My three favorite boys!

Holding a butterfly.  He was thrilled when one landed on him.

And on the way out, we found this little guy.  He was struggling but let Seth and Ethan hold him.


Playing in one of the water features outside the aquarium.

Daddy and his boys.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I love the look on his face. He was SO good today. Since we are struggling through the terrible 3’s, that is a huge blessing!

When we left this morning, I swore that we would not buy any stuffed animals.  We have way too many stuffed animals.  He has a few favorites that stay his favorites, but otherwise we have to clean them out every once in a while.  But this kid loves his animals.  He LOVED the otters today and insisted he use his spending money to buy an otter.  I couldn’t say no.  He carried his otter all day and I even heard him talking to it several times.  I love this kid.  Such a perfect age.




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