Father’s Day

The boys have been working on Father’s Day gifts for Zach for a few weeks.  They have drawn pictures, filled out cute little sheets that I found on Pinterest, and made lots of art projects.  Carter had us all sign one of his game balls to give to Zach.  We went out last week to buy his gift and the boys picked out a home made ice cream maker.  This is a perfect gift for Zach because he loves ice cream.

My boys are blessed with a great Daddy.  He works so hard during the day and yet is always ready to play with them when he walks in the door from work.  Ethan loves to wrestle with his Daddy and Carter and Seth love to play baseball in the backyard with him.  The boys look forward to the weekends and are always thrilled on Saturday morning when they realize their Daddy doesn’t have to go to work.

He has lots of helpers to open his presents.

All dressed up and ready for church!

So thankful for my hubby and our family!

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