Ethan’s birthday party

Last Sunday we had a family birthday party for Ethan at our house.  He wanted a Mickey Mouse theme (again) and wanted his cousin, Rane, to spend the night.  Easy enough!  The kids played in the sprinkler all afternoon and we celebrated with dinner and dessert that evening.  After dinner Ethan opened his presents. I swear he opened all of his presents (probably around 10) in less than 2 minutes!  He tore through each package and was so excited with each present.

Ethan’s Mickey Mouse cupcakes

The birthday boy in his batman swimming trunks!

The older cousins playing in the sprinkler.

I couldn’t get the two little ones to slow down for a picture. 🙂


Can you tell he loves cupcakes?!


Always silly…

Trying to get Ethan to slow down.

Checking out one of his new toys.

My sweet niece, Pierson!

Two sweet, clean, three year olds after bathtime!

Ready for their first sleepover.  They did SO well together!  They wanted to sleep in the same bed (Ethan has a twin) but I finally convinced them to sleep in the same room but in two different beds.

Outside playing playdough at 7 the next morning. 🙂

One thought on “Ethan’s birthday party

  1. I love all the pictures! You are right, the one of Pierson is great!!!! It was cute to see pictures of Rane…..I bet he was set on ready the entire time he was with you all and it doesn’t surprise me that he wanted to sleep in the same bed as Ethan! ha! They are so cute together!!!


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