Seth’s preschool graduation

Last Thursday Seth graduated from Harpeth Hills Preschool.  I knew it would be an emotional day.  The music teachers do such a good job with graduation, showcasing things the kids have learned as well as having them sing sweet songs.  I tried to prepare myself after I bawled through Carter’s graduation 2 years ago.  I did better during Seth’s but still teared up a lot.  Zach had a harder time than me. 🙂  He is definitely the emotional one in our family.  Zach was the guest speaker and did a great job.  I can’t believe I will have another one in “real” school this fall.  Makes me happy for them but sad to see them away from home so much!  It reminds me to treasure the time because it goes by so fast.

Seth loves to get dressed up.  He looked so handsome!


I could tell he was nervous walking in.  He stared straight ahead and tried not to smile. 🙂

So proud!!

After the ceremony!

I CANNOT say enough about Seth and Ethan’s preschool teachers.  We LOVE them!  They are such good teachers and most importantly, you can tell they love the kids.  We are so thankful!

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