Happy Birthday, Ethan!

It is SO hard to believe that my baby is three! It is still so easy for me to go back three years and remember the details of his crazy birth.  The 17 days we spent back and forth between our two boys at home and one child in the nicu.  How thankful we were for all our friends and family that stepped up BIG and helped us through a really difficult time.  I am still SO thankful and think about those blessings often.

A little about our boy at 3 years old:

  • He has grown up so much in the past year.  He is completely potty trained and attempts to dress himself each morning. He and Seth share a room and Ethan sleeps in a big boy bed.
  • He started talking right after he turned two and now he talks constantly.  He loves to sing too.
  • He just finished up his first year of preschool.  He had a rough start and cried every morning during drop-off until after Christmas.  He loved it once he got inside the building though.  However, for the last 3 months of school he loved it!  He made some sweet friends and loved his teachers.
  • He is a very strong willed little boy.  He is very stubborn and thinks that he can do anything that his older brothers can do.
  • He still loves his pappy (pacifier), baby (lovey), and blanket.
  • He loves to eat!  He is a very good eater though.  He eats almost every fruit and vegetable but also loves to have a sweet treat. 🙂

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!

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