Carter – baseball

This is Carter’s 4th season of baseball.  He moved up to 7/8 in the fall and struggled at first.  In the 5/6 league, the coaches pitch to the players while in 7/8 they use a pitching machine.  Carter struggled with the pitching machine at the beginning of last season and this season.  About halfway through each season, he seemed to figure out the timing of the machine and started hitting again!  Our team is really young but they have a lot of fun together.  Carter has played ball with some of the same kids since he was 5.  We love baseball!

Ready to run home from 3rd base.

He loves to play center field.

Ready to bat.

Big hit!

High five from Daddy.

Love this picture and this picture:

Ready to run!

He also loves to play catcher.  He just looks so small behind the plate.

Game ball for his line drive hit!

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