Adoption update and garage sale

This week we were blessed to receive an update on our little girl.  Since we are still waiting on our LOA (Letter of Acceptance), we were surprised to get an update.  For the past week or so we have been pretty discouraged with our wait time.  We will start our 5th month of waiting on Saturday.  ugh.  So to see her picture and read about her was a huge blessing.  She is 19 months old right now and while she is still growing, it seems like her weight and height has slowed down a bit.  Based on the stats they sent us, she weighs about 24 pounds.  We’ve been told to subtract 3 pounds because they weigh them fully clothed and fully clothed in China is about 4-5 layers. Crazy!  So if that is accurate she is going to be little.

This Saturday we are participating in our neighborhood garage sale.  All the money that we make will go towards our adoption.  We have had several friends donate items for the sale and have lots of good stuff.  We have also been given several boxes of surplus Hallmark merchandise as well.  It should be a great sale with some awesome deals!  If you know anyone interested, please pass along this information.

We have been told we have permission to post our sweet girl’s picture on here, so here is Molly’s first debut on the family blog!


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