Carter Featured


We have been busy over the last month.  Baseball has started!  Zach is coaching both of the boys.  Seth is playing his first year of 5/6 coach pitch.  Carter is playing his 4th season of baseball, 2nd season of machine pitch (7/8).  They love having their Daddy coach them, but it does make each week very crazy.  For the past month, they have each had 2 practices a week.  Games started last weekend so from now until the middle of May they will each have 2 games a week.  They both picked the Pirates as their team and are both #15. 🙂  Ethan even has a little pirate hat to wear.

On Tuesday, Seth and Ethan had their Easter parties at preschool.  They played games, ate a snack, and had an egg hunt.  They both LOVED the egg hunt.  Ethan was amazed each time he found an egg. 🙂


On Thursday, Seth and Ethan had their Spring Program at preschool.  The theme was Fruit of the Spirit.  It was SO cute!  Seth’s class sang songs about peace and Ethan’s class sang about love.  Seth did well on stage…he loves being in front of people.   Ethan did well too.  He didn’t sing, but he did smile the entire time.  He and Seth are ALOT alike. 🙂

Seth in his “peace” glasses.


He took the headband off right after this and played with it during the rest of the program.

So silly…

My sweet preschool boys. I can’t believe Seth goes to Kindergarten in the fall…

It doesn’t feel right taking a family picture without Carter.  I can’t wait to see Molly’s face in our family photos soon!

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