Carter Featured

Happy Birthday, Carter

It is hard to believe I have been a mom for seven years!  I went to bed last night remembering so clearly the night/morning Carter was born.  I will never forget the feeling of complete excitment (and a whole lot of nervousness) when I realized that our sweet firstborn was going to arrive 5 weeks early.  Despite his early arrival, he was perfect and our lives have never been the same.

As I sit here trying to write this post, I am reminded over and over again how much he is like me.  We took him out to eat for his birthday yesterday after church and it took him over an hour to decide where to eat (his indecisiveness comes directly from me).  Poor kid changed his mind 10 times to pick that perfect place.  When he went to bed last night I was talking to him about it being his last night as a 6 year old and how exciting that was.  His only comment, “I know, Mom, but I will really miss being a 6 year old…it was so much fun.” Poor kid does not handle change well – again, I’ll let you guess where he inherited that trait. 🙂

A few more things about Carter at 7 years old:

  • He is very sensitive.  He still gets very upset when we raise our voices at him or correct him over something.  He gets his feelings hurt very easily.  He has a hard time determining if someone is laughing with him or at him. 
  • He is still SO super skinny.  His brothers are about to pass him up in the weight department.  He is only 42 pounds and has a hard time keeping up any of his pants.  Thank goodness for adjustable waist pants!!
  • He is trying to grow his hair out.  I am trying to let this go because I know I cannot control everything but it is driving me crazy. 🙂  He knows a few kids at school with longer hair and he wants the same thing. 
  • He loves to play wii, DS, and my computer.  If he can’t do any of those, he loves to play legos and read.  He doesn’t play with many toys.  He loves to wrestle with his brothers and build forts in our living room.  He also loves to play board games.
  • He starts his 4th season of baseball in a week.  He loves playing but gets easily discouraged if he doesn’t do well.  He is not very competitive (again, a trait from me).
  • He likes learning and does well in school but doesn’t really like to go to school.  He has fun once he gets there and always says he had a good day when I pick him up, but sometimes the mornings are a battle.
  • He loves to invent things.  His favorite book is the Dangerous Book for Boys.  He is constantly asking me if I have certain supplies that he needs to invent something.  This is his favorite thing to do with his Papa which is good because I am definitely not much of an inventor. 🙂

Happy Birthday to my sweet 7 year old!!

His favorite gift – a Yoda alarm clock.

Birthday picture with Daddy before school/work this morning for his birthday journal.

Carter requested a cookie cake to share with his friends at school.

His favorite word right now – peace. 🙂

His birthday picture with me taken by Seth.  Not too bad for a 5 year old.

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