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Disney – Day 3

One day three, the weather was nice and warm again. It was awesome to wear shorts and short sleeves in January!  Makes me wish for spring even more!  On Saturday, we went to Epcot.  We didn’t spend much time in this park two years ago, so I really wanted to stay for most of the day.  We went straight to Soarin’ and everybody but Ethan and I got in line to ride this super popular ride. I rode it two years ago with Carter and did NOT like it.  I do not like heights and was completely terrified the entire time.  I knew Zach would love it so I sent him, along with mom and dad, with the two older boys.   Ethan and I went to the Nemo ride and Crush show.  He loved them both.  But most of the time, he just wanted to stand outside the Nemo ride and watch the talking birds.  I think he did that for 20 minutes.  Seriously.

After Soarin’ (which everyone loved except my Mom), Dad, Zach, Carter and Seth went to ride Test Track while Mom, Ethan, and I shopped in the gift shop.  Ethan wanted EVERYTHING. 🙂

After Test Track, we headed to the back of Epcot where all the countries are.  The boys really liked this.  We only went to Mexcio and China but it was neat to see all the things in China and think about Molly Kate’s culture.  The boys each bought something to remind them of her. We ate lunch in Mexico.  It was an indoor restaurant that is meant to look like you are outside.  There is a river, volcano, and fake sky.  Seth was terrified of the volcano the entire time.  I think he asked me 20 times if I was SURE it was pretend.  Can you tell he is going through a tough time being afraid???  I feel bad for him.

After lunch and a few countries, we headed back to the front of the park, rode a few more rides and called it a day.  The boys had been BEGGING to go swimming since our first day there.  We figured this was the best day since mom and dad were still there to watch Ethan.  Zach and I were not about to get in the water which means Ethan could not get in either.  It was nice and warm outside (75) but that is not hot enough for swimming for the two of us. 🙂  Carter and Seth had fun but didn’t last more than 30 minutes.  They couldn’t quit shaking and never asked to go back but I think they had fun while they were in the water.  Again, makes me wish for spring and summer. Can’t wait to be back at the pool!

We didn’t take too many pictures on this day.  We were a little stressed with Ethan (notice in the few pictures this is when his lovey and pacifier joined him again).  It really made everyone’s life a little easier if he had it.  🙂

The boys with Fiesta Donald.

Duffy the bear.  I had never heard of him until that day.

My two little swimmers trying to warm up to the water.

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