Family Featured

Family pictures

We had family pictures made in November.  I never put them on the blog because we used these pictures in our Christmas cards.  Before I start on the Disney posts, I thought I would put up my favorites from that November day.

Carter and Seth were SO hyper that day.  I’m not sure why although it was perfect weather and the park was a new one for them to explore.


Ethan had just woken up from his nap so he was a bit more reserved (for once!)

Typical Seth. 🙂

She caught a moment between Daddy and son that really wasn’t staged for the camera.  I think I was chasing Seth and Ethan up the hill to try and retrieve them for the next set of pictures.


I LOVE this picture of Carter.  He lost his first tooth about 5 minutes before we left for the pictures.  He was so excited to show off his missing tooth in the pictures.

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