Disney preview

We are home from Disney and exhausted!!  The boys had a fantastic time and we made lots of special memories.  Here are just a few pictures from our trip until I have time (ha!) to get up a longer, more detailed post.

I wish you could see Ethan’s face in this picture.  We had just walked into the Magic Kingdom on the first day and there wasn’t a line to see Mickey and Minnie.  Ethan was so excited he could not quit giggling and jumping.  It was something I’ll never forget.

Look at those poses. 🙂 They didn’t need any help coming up with their action hero pose.  Even Ethan knew exactly what to do.

Day 4 – we were pretty tired by this point but still managed to get a good family picture on our way to Hollywood Studios for the day.

Last day!  One last rush at Magic Kingdom to ride all of our favorite rides one more time.  🙂


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