Christmas with our Families

We spent the weekend before Christmas with Zach’s side of the family.  The boys were so excited to start the Christmas festivites at their Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Once we got there they could not wait to open their presents!  We made them wait until after lunch…I have never seen them eat so fast. 🙂  While the mamas did the dishes, the kids put all their gifts into piles and waited on us to finish.  I didn’t get too many pictures because Ethan was pretty needy and stayed in my lap a lot of the time.

The boys loved their presents.  If I had to guess, I would say their favorites were Star Wars legos.  They love to build legos with Zach.  Ethan loved his dress-up capes and his books and puzzles. It was such a fun day!

Seth and Dylan opening up one of their presents.

Can you tell he loved his presents? 🙂

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family.  Since we are all here in Middle Tennessee together (yeah!!), we just met at mom and dad’s house early on Saturday.  As soon as we arrived, we tried to get some good pictures of the kids together.  With 6 kids, all 6 years old and under, it was difficult!  Soon after arriving, we opened our presents.  Since we all had to leave around 4 that afternoon, we thought it would give the kids time to play together with their presents.  Ethan and Rane could hardly wait their turn to open their presents.  Pierson was precious just playing with the paper and bows.  The big kids loved opening each package and then checking out each other’s gifts.  After opening gifts, we finished preparing our lunch and ate a wonderful meal together.  While Pierson napped, the other kids played outside with some of their new toys.  It was a great day.  Around 4, we got our kids ready for the Christmas Even service at our church.  They hated to leave their cousins, but were very excited to hold the candle and sing at church (they LOVE this)!

The best we could get…

Rane and Ethan wait on Uncle Craig to open one of their toys.

This may be Seth’s favorite gift of the entire holiday season – the gold Power Ranger.

Forget taking turns, everyone just starting opening. 🙂

Carter using his marshmallow gun from Uncle Craig.  The boys will have so much fun with these in the Spring…definitely an outside toy! 🙂

Next post – Christmas Eve at home and Christmas morning…

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