Christmas activities

We had several fun activites in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  One of our favorite events each Christmas is Dinner at Bethlehem.  This is a family event at our church.  This year they had the children re-enact the Christmas story.  Carter was a wiseman.  He practiced each Wednesday night for 8 weeks and was SO excited to be on stage in front of a big crowd. 

Our little wiseman presenting his gift to Baby Jesus.

The boys had so much fun petting the animals in the live nativity.

The week after Dinner at Bethlehem, Seth and Ethan had their preschool Christmas party.  They were both SO excited.  This was only the 2nd time Ethan went to school without crying.  He was just so excited about the party. 

After the preschool parties were over, it was time for the preschool Christmas Program.  I LOVE this event.  The kids wear their pajamas and are adorable singing on stage.  I was a little nervous about how Ethan would do in front of the audience.  He never wants to go to preschool.  Most mornings I have to pull him out of the van screaming.  It can be really hard on both of us.  I thought if he saw me in the audience, he would scream and want to come to me rather than stay with his class.  However, when he walked in, I could tell immediately that he was going to be fine. 🙂  He walked on the stage and performed so well…he loved being up there!

These two are SO close!

Seth holding his drum and singing with his class.

Can you see Ethan’s big grin? He LOVED singing with his friends.



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