We traveled to Kentucky this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with Zach’s side of the family.  Zach’s sister, Brooke, hosted the entire family and we had such a good day.  The boys loved playing with their cousins and all their toys!  We arrived there early on Thursday and helped Brooke finish preparing the wonderful meal.  We enjoyed such a great meal and were full the rest of the day.  After lunch and some play time for the kiddos, we decorated turkey cupcakes.  The kids loved this and all of the turkeys looked different. It was great entertainment!  Right before leaving for home, we also decorated some gingerbread houses.  Carter and Payton decorated one together while Seth and Dylan did another one.  Ethan was supposed to be helping Carter and Payton but he was SO tired at this point that he just sat there and stared.  At one point he even laid his head down on the table. 

Ethan and his cupcake.  He added candy corn and some chocolate sprinkles and couldn’t wait to dig in.

Seth working on his turkey.

Carter worked on his forever and then he just licked the icing off and said he was done.


Seth and Dylan working on their gingerbread house.

Payton and Carter with a tired little Ethan in the background.

We drove home late that night.   Ethan and Carter fell asleep in the car, but Seth, of course, talked to us the entire way.  On Friday, we stayed home all day and put up our Christmas decorations.  The boys had SO much fun!  We got our trees up and all our outside lights up.  We let Carter and Seth watch Elf for the the first time while we decorated.  Hopefully, it will be a new tradition.

Carter and Seth working on the Star Wars tree.

On Saturday, Zach’s mom and dad kept the boys all day.  They took them to ICE at Opryland.  The boys loved looking at the ice sculptures and going down the slide.  They also took them to Build a Bear.  The boys really wanted two characters from the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.  They had such a great day with their Grandma and Grandpa!

While they were away, I spent a lot of time Christmas shopping.  The stores were not crowded at all and I got some great deals!  I got a lot done and feel so much better about Christmas only being a month away. 🙂  Zach spent the entire day building some built-in bookcases for his office.  He has been planning this project for weeks.  He made so much progress and at the end of the weekend, we have bookcases!!  They still lack the finishing touches and paint, but the hardest part is done.  He did a great job!

The hardest part is done – they are in the room!


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