147 Million Orphans

We received some good news from our adoption agency this week – our complete dossier is on its way to CHINA!  It should arrive in China on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Once it is officially “logged in” we will be eligible for a match. The log-in process will probably take a week or two.  I know I have mentioned all this before, but it is such BIG news.  We have been praying for this little girl for months.  We have named her and as silly as it sounds, we LOVE her.  We do not know what she looks like or her story, but we feel confident that God does.  We know that God KNOWS and LOVES this little girl.  While His perfect plan would have her staying with her biological parents, we recognize that we live in a fallen world, and that is not possible.  We feel so BLESSED to be the part of God’s plan that will rescue her from a life in an orphanage without someone to love and care for her.  We cannot wait to bring her into our home and show her LOVE. 

The thought of seeing her picture soon leaves me in a puddle of tears several times a day right now.  I am watching so many friends as they end or approach the end of their adoption process.  While this brings me so much joy, it also makes me very anxious to move deeper into the process.   This process is teaching me so much about God’s love and patience.  It is in HIS hands in HIS timing. I tell myself that over and over…

We have been so blessed throughout this process to receive financial support from so many people.  We had an AWESOME fundraiser at Katy’s Gifts in July.  We have also sold 147 million gear to several people.  The organization, 147 Million Orphans, has recently made this process even easier.  There is a button in the top right corner of my blog that connects directly to their website.  If you click on that button, visit their site, and buy something, 147 Million Orphans will donate a portion of the sale to our adoption.  This ONLY works if you CLICK on the button above to get to their website.  

Thank you for sticking with us through this emotional process.  While it is challenging some days, we know we are on the right path and thankful for the opportunity.


2 thoughts on “147 Million Orphans

  1. That is SUCH great news, Mandy! I meant to tell you that when I spoke with you this week but it slipped my mind, so sorry. I think about and pray about you all daily and I cannot WAIT to meet Miss Molly Kate!!!!!


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