Happy Halloween!

The boys had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year.  They spent the entire month of October looking at costume magazines that came in the mail.  Midway through the month I was tired of listening to them argue over who was going to be what.  I decided it was time to decide and quit discussing it. 🙂  We went to Target and Carter and Seth each picked out the costume they wanted.  Ethan didn’t have a preference so we used a costume we already had at home.

On Sunday night, we went to Trunk or Treat at church.  It is always an amazing event and this year did not disappoint!  The boys LOVE walking around and looking at each display.  Ethan masted saying “trick or treat” very quickly and was so cute going from trunk to trunk.  He was constantly asking “what dat?”  He was very curious about all the decorations and people dressed up. 

On Monday night, we walked around our neighborhood.  Carter loved seeing some of his friends from school and Seth saw a friend from his soccer team.  Poor Ethan got scared at the third house we went to and refused to leave my side after that.  We knocked on the door and when the lady answered Ethan was TERRIFIED of the life size goblin inside the house.  It moved and turned its head from side to side.  He screamed like I have never heard him scream before.  The poor lady at the door felt so bad.  She gave him a ton of candy and apologized over and over again. 

Each night the boys came home and sorted their candy.  Carter loves tootsie rolls and we convinved to try a reese’s cup tonight (he liked it).  Seth loves gum.  Unfortunately, today he left his gum on the couch after he chewed and I sat in it.  He lost his gum priviledge for the rest of the week.  Ethan loves it all.  He likes anything he can open himself!

I can’t help but think about our little princess that will be here next year. 🙂  Makes my heart so happy! 

 Seth – our teenage mutant ninja turtle

Ethan – our little pirate

Carter – our dragon ninja

They are ready to trick or treat!

Snuggling with my little pirate!

Daddy and his boys! One quick note about Seth and his red mouth – he drank a hawaiian punch drink from one of the trunks and 24 hours later his mouth is still red!  I have scrubbed and scrubbed and it will not come off.  You should definitely click on the picture and see how red his mouth is. 🙂

One last picutre after a fun Halloween night.


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