Zach and I mailed our dossier last Friday.  It arrived in Atlanta early Monday morning and our agency began the critical review process that each dossier goes through.  It is a 9-11 day process that checks (and double checks) our paperwork.  They also translate all our information into Chinese and mail it to China for us.  We are SO excited to have this piece of the process done.  As I have stated before, it is a lot of work to gather all of the required paperwork.  Once our dossier is accepted (“logged in”) in China, we will be eligible for a referral!  I can’t believe we are close to seeing our little girl’s face.  Some days it still doesn’t seem real to me.

After we are matched and accept the referral, our agency estimates that we will travel to China about 4-6 months later.  We do not know how long it will take for us to get a match but we are hopeful that it can happen by Christmas.  Please pray for this process….that things will continue to move along smoothly and that we are able to go to China as soon as possible to get our little girl.  Thank you!

I’ll leave you with a fall picture of my boys! 

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